Winter Wellness Bundle / HO'OILO

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Save 10% and receive a mini-whisk by purchasing these products as a bundle, as they are intended to be used. 

(Or, save 14% when you buy 3 bundles.)

For robust wellness and a veritable panacea for a myriad of aches & pains, infection, SAD, indigestion, or to enhance mental clarity, whisk these three products together into a paste and add hot water & lemon.

*this bundle comes with a recipe card. Your bundle will make 40+ servings*


The Kauai Gold Olena + Awapuhi Blend is 100% pure, fair-trade turmeric and ginger grown on the North Shore of Kauai.  These roots are grown on permaculture farms, hand harvested, dehydrated at low temperatures, and ground in small batches. Quality and potency are our top priorities.

The Kula Meli (Golden Honey) is harvested in Anahola, Hawaii from the apiaries of Chris at Anahola Royal Honey.  His bees pollinate the pristine Kalalea Mountain range.

We grow the medicinal herbs for the LA'AU Herbal Essentials blend in-house here on Kauai, and we never apply anything except sunshine and rain.  Use internally or topically at the first sign of immune compromise.


oregano, lemon balm, eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove, macadamia nut oil

HO'OILO: winter