Custom Botanical Blend

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We can start with a basic (and optional) questionnaire about health history and wellness goals.

Whether you’d like more energy, need something for menstrual/reproductive support, or you can’t sleep, can’t poop, can’t concentrate - we’ve got plants for that.

After that we’ll chat over the phone or in person if you’re here on Kaua’i, and within 7-10 days, you’ll receive a 45 day supply of totally customizable herbal support to fit your lifestyle quickly and simply.

(45-day refill Jar without consult is $45)


I’ve been offering this work as my full time vocation since 2011 and draw influence from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional European Herbalism, Indonesian Jamu, Hawaiian La’au Lapa’au, and Indian Ayurveda- and backed by the rigors of peer-reviewed scientific research.


Thank You / Danke / Grazie / Mahalo


Please include either a phone number or email address with your order and I’ll reach out within two business days to set up an appointment and send an intake form.