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We can start with a basic (optional) questionnaire about body history and wellness goals.

Whether you'd like something for more energy, something for menstrual/reproductive health, or you can't sleep, can't poop, can't concentrate - we've got plants for that.

Afterward, we'll chat over the phone or in person if you're local to Kauai, and within 7-10 days, you'll recieve a 45 day supply of totally customizable herbal support to fir your lifestyle quickly and simply.

Hi, I'm Dee.  I've been offering this work as my full time vocation since 2011 and draw influence from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Herbal Medicine, Indonesian Jamu, Hawaiian La'au Lapa'au and Indian Ayurveda - backed by the rigors of modern, peer-reviewed scientific research.


Thank you / Danke / Grazie / Mahalo

Please include either a phone number or email address with your order and I'll reach out within two business days to set up an appointment and send an intake form.