Hawaiian Vanilla Bean / ‘Okika Pī

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Vanilla is one of the most coveted spices on earth and carries the second highest price of any of whole botanical (saffron is #1!)

Native to Mexico, vanilla is now grown throughout the American Continent, Africa, Indonesia, and China. Its high global market price (mostly due to the fact that it takes up to 5 years for each plant to produce beans) make it important to source fair trade. We source vanilla throughout the Hawaiian islands; this crop is from Kauai Vanillery in the Wailua Homesteads.


Far from boring, real vanilla adds warmth and richness to all sweets and can play well in savory dishes too.

3 premium vanilla pods in a glass vial.

Recommended use:

  • soak vanilla bean pods in vodka for 6+ months to make your own extract
  • cut off a tiny bit (1/8” or so) and adding it to coffee grounds while brewing
  • blend 1/8” on high speed with all sorts of hot drinks- delicious with coffee, chai, hot cocoa, matcha, mushroom milk, or golden milk.
  • add to homemade nut mylks- a recipe for our house blend Vanilla Mac Nut mylk comes with purchase 

Okika: Orchid

Pī: Bean