Kaua'i Gold / LIQUID GOLD

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Kaua'i Gold / LIQUID GOLD 

fresh island elixir -


Organic and wild-harvested turmeric, ginger, raw honey, citrus, and seasonal therapeutic herbals brewed in spring water from Makaleha Falls.  We are constantly sourcing medicinal plants from throughout the 4 main islands to ensure a wide spectrum of soil and nutrient biodiversity, which is the basis of robust immunity.

We recommend at least one jar per month for general wellness, and at the first signs of immune compromise.  Check out the learn tab for a quick DIY version.

Keep cold up to one week, freezes well.

Seasonal Ingredients (WINTER RECIPE)

turmeric*, ginger*, mixed citrus,* echinacea, oregano,* cinnamon,* clove,* black & chili pepper,* raw honey,* cider vinegar 

*grown by independent permaculture farmers in Hawaii

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