Kauai Gold Mixed Mini Pack / MANINI KULA

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Incorporating these superfoods into your diet on a regular basis requires knowing a few different ways to use it.  This Mixed Mini pack allows you to try turmeric and ginger in three forms: sweet, savory, and pure/medicinal strength.

Comes with recipe card!

SAVORY SPICE: turmeric,* ginger,* scallion,* coriander,* black & chili pepper*

meyer lemon, sea salt 

Add to grains, stir-fry, curry, eggs, popcorn, or broth/soup.


OLENA + AWAPUH: pure, fair-trade hawaiian turmeric & ginger

Add to hot water/tea, encapsulate, or use as a base for making your own flavor blends.


GOLDEN MILK: turmeric,* ginger,* vanilla,* cinnamon,* cardamom,* allspice,* clove,* black & chili pepper,* sea salt,* oconut milk powder, coconut sugar

Blend bullet style with hot water, coffee, or tea with your choice of grassfed butter, coconut oil, or your favorite milk.  Delicious in oatmeal, banana bread, waffles/pancakes, or cookies.

* grown & harvested in the Hawaiian islands *


MANINI - small

KULA - gold