Kaua'i Gold 'Olena & Awapuhi Blend / KULA MANA

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Kaua'i Gold 'Olena & Awapuhi Blend //  KULA MANA

150 grams per jar / 40+ servings

This is our most medicinal blend, it is 100% pure, fair-trade turmeric and ginger, dried for 24 hours at 110 degrees and ground in small batches.

These roots grow on the North Shore of Kaua'i, for nearly a year before they're ready to be harvested.  We believe they absorb the "mana" of the islands and, in turn, have the ability to imbue that magic to you.

We recommend mixing this into a paste with honey, then adding a hot liquid.  Pairs well with the La'au Herbal Essentials Blend and the Kula Meli.

These traditional medicinals are used for all types of pain, swelling, and inflamation, to treat infection, to aid in cognitive function, recovery after strenuous exercise, to aid in menstrual difficulty, and/or postpartum care, to improve complete digestion and resolve chronic constipation, and as a part of the treatment in more serious dis-ease, too.


turmeric,* ginger*

* grown in Hawaii

comes with a recipe card


KULA: golden

MANA: spiritual or supernatural energy of power and strength