Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Incense // ILIAHI

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2 oz jar dust + 5 handrolled cones, comes gift boxed.

The fragrance of Hawaiian Sandalwood is universally adored and coveted. Before European contact, Hawaiian people burned sandalwood for its beautiful fragrance and to communicate with their ancestors.

After European contact, the Ali'i collected 75 lbs of sandalwood from each family as a tax.  Any extra could be sold to the ships for Spanish dollars. This introduced the first cash economy to the Hawaiian Kingdom.

The high demand decimated the population of this majestic plant, and it was nearly extinct by 1850, collapsing the industry.

What were then just saplings, have grown to fully mature trees; some now are dropping branches and dying of old age, allowing for responsible harvest of this plant to return.

This freshly harvested sandalwood comes in powder form and cones, and this box contains 15 grams of powder and  cones, for 30-35 burns. 

The smell of Hawaiian Sandalwood is universally adored and coveted. It is warm, sweet, woody, comforting, and all-enveloping.  Many cultures burn this wood in times of mourning or grief.